Lives Touched

Read inspiring stories about how Whispering Winds has touched the lives of guest groups, campers, and supporters.

Guest Groups


St. Kieran Catholic School has been holding our eighth grade retreats at Whispering Winds for the past five years. We keep coming back because we have been so happy with the service we’ve received. The Whispering Winds staff is very accommodating, the location is beautiful and secluded, the grounds are ideal for kids and families to interact and have fun, and we feel good knowing we are supporting a Catholic organization that promotes our faith. Many of our families have had a wonderful time at Family Camp as well!
— Patricia Provo, Principal, St. Kieran Catholic School


Our 7th and 8th graders will once again be enjoying the wonders of God’s nature at Whispering Winds. I have always loved going to the mountain to get away from the daily grind. Our students experience something magical from the moment they arrive and take a deep breath of the fresh air. Thanks for always providing support to our youth while they are there learning to connect with God. I always find everyone accommodating and pleasant. Thanks again.
— Mark G. Sperrazzo, Principal, St. Therese Academy


The camp is very clean, beautifully landscaped and obviously loved and cared for. Being in the outdoor environment gave our girls an opportunity to connect with nature & God. We did a night walk up to the water tower to look at the stars and sing songs. Many girls commented this was where they felt the Spirit. Thank you for everything! This place is so special.
— Kelly Gaya, LDS Mission Viejo Young Women’s Camp


The food was exceptional, the chef accommodated food allergies, the food was superior and the dining hall was always clean and organized. The camp staff was VERY friendly and helpful. Annie’s humble service to us made us feel so welcome. Everyone is loving and accommodating.
— Sts. Simon & Jude, Huntington Beach


God met us here, His creation is spectacular! The food was beyond great! David and crew rocked it! Best camp food to date…keep up the good work.
— Andy White, Worship Central Church Retreat


Annie was super friendly! Our overall experience was excellent. The grounds were immaculate, the facilities were in great shape and Founders Hall is beautiful.
— Ethnos Church Retreat


Family Camp


My highlight was ziplining with my family. My son was able to overcome his fear of heights, my little girl (who just turned 4) also ziplined, the horses were beautiful and the scenery was just amazing! My husband and I felt God’s presence everywhere and experiencing this with our friends was awesome!

Singing, praying & attending Mass outside in nature really helped me feel part of God’s creation and how wonderful it is to be loved by the One who made everything. God’s presence is magnified in these settings for me and allows me to simply disappear into his loving arms.

Our family smiled all weekend. The siblings were getting along because they were all busy and that made things so much more enjoyable for Mom and Dad. This weekend magnified the good in all of us!

From my viewpoint everyone went down the hill with more than they brought up. Is this not the reason the camp came to be in the first place? And doesn’t it feel GREAT to be doing the Lord’s work? Building stronger families in Christ is why we are here!

Your ministry is one of the most powerful Catholic assets to Southern California. We look forward to supporting you financially as we can, as well as by attending camps, spreading the word, hopefully bringing up/sponsoring a family camp from our own parish school next year and volunteering as you need us.

The adult speakers gave us a lot of useful information that already has helped my wife, me and family do things to better our family life and relationship! Martin’s presentation and sharing of his experiences was outstanding too. He is wonderful and we love his energy. Paula and her parents were wonderful too! Cannot wait to see you all again!

The family dance and horse-back riding were loved by all; some enjoyed archery for first time; for Dad, meditating on Stations of the Cross. Sleeping in the teepee was a highlight for our daughter. Our teenager’s attitude improved over the weekend and he would like to be a CCA next year!

Tropical vacations are nice, and day trips are fun, but Family Camp at Whispering Winds is the ONE vacation our family anxiously looks forward to every year. Blessings abound at this remarkable camp!

Special Needs Family Camp


“This weekend was heaven sent for us. Our Special Needs Buddy and CCA took the kids and let us reconnect. It was so important for our marriage. I cried with gratitude and emotion much of the trip. It was such an awesome feeling to be supported by the Whispering Winds staff. Most of the time, I feel alone and isolated with our special needs and special diet.”

“Our Special Needs Buddy was the most perfect match our daughter could have! We trusted her from the moment we met her. She and Audrey became true friends.”

“It was absolutely wonderful to have our Special Needs Buddy spend so much time with our daughter so we could have time with our other typical daughter and time together as husband and wife. Cannot thank you enough for this wonderful experience.”

“I cannot tell you the impact that your camp has made on our family. Our son came home and said, “I had fun.” This may not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but this is a *huge* compliment coming from him [a 6 year old child with Autism].”

“Whispering Winds was a remarkable and unique camp experience for our family.  We felt welcomed, thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, and wished it could have been a week-long vacation. The staff clearly practices the Gospel, instead of just preaching.”

“My husband and I were given time to just be with each other, which NEVER happens.  Our extended family lives on the East Coast so we don’t have anyone else to lean on.  We used our free time to just hang out together and talk, and it was terrific.”

“Our entire family was able to relax and take in the beauty of Whispering Winds without worrying about our daughter as she was under the care of her awesome Special Needs Buddy. Our typical kids felt free to run, play, zip line and horseback ride without feeling like they were leaving their sister behind.  Family Camp was a gift from God.”

Middle School Camp


Joseph loved camp! He got home, put things away, lay down on his bed and had a small melt down – because he “really missed camp”!

I love the fact that my son had a spiritual experience as well as a fun time to just run around and be free like kids need to be allowed to do.

My daughter said she felt the presence of God in all of the counselors’ love, acceptance and encouragement.

One of my children shared with me that one night in the meadow he “heard God answer one of his questions” – it was awesome!

Brittany came home with a very positive attitude and lots of self confidence; she was nervous when we left and when we picked her up she said she couldn’t wait until next year!

Camp Connect (siblings separated by foster care)


The music session was incredible. Most of our kids were really into it. Two of the more quiet ones actually sang their songs out loud, by themselves! My three kids really worked hard to write their song. I loved the entire session. Powerful!

When I arrived I had a little boy that was ready for swimming. While at the pool his teen sister arrived and they talked. She also had her swimsuit on with a towel wrapped around her waist. She opened the towel to fix her suit and her brother looked at her and said “You look cute”. It was so sweet, even the sister laughed.

Honestly, it has been the most rewarding thing I’ve done in the past three years. It melts my heart to see a child write “All we need is family” on his scrapbook. Getting the opportunity to somehow make that happen is indescribable.

The best moment was music therapy. Those smiles really made me feel good and that what we were doing was really going to leave a lasting impression and hopefully would be of some help in making their lives a little more positive.

The camp was well planned, with prizes and activities. The food was great too. I was in a group that was composed of three sets of families. They were incredible to get to know. I smile every time I remember their antics and personalities. I cry when I remember the pain that was apparent in some of their lives.

Annual Dinner Dance Gala


It is exciting to come to the Dinner Dance and experience the genuine love for God and support for the camp as demonstrated by others. I am inspired by Whispering Winds’ emphasis on fostering the faith of young people in the Church. It’s a pleasure to attend the Dinner Dance and financially support such a prudent, Christ-centered ministry!
— Greg Dickson


I have been attending the Whispering Winds Dinner Dance for many years and it’s always a great opportunity to connect with friends and meet new supporters of the camp. I always enjoy the venue’s beautiful view, spacious ballroom and wonderful food. I had a great time dancing till the wee hours!
— Diane Halfman


The hotel is enjoyable and the atmosphere is so peaceful with water and boats all around. The biggest blessing of all each year is the opportunity to spend time with the faith-filled community of Whispering Winds and to support the vision and mission of the camp.
— Steve & Val Spooner